Maria K. Matan

After practicing for more than 26 years, Attorney Maria K. Matan has the same passion to help people as when she started. She truly cares about each client’s legal and personal well-being, and sees her work as a way to help them succeed in other areas of their lives.  She has offices in Petaluma and Novato.

Whether she is helping with estate or immigration issues, Maria looks for opportunities to help her clients achieve their goals for themselves and their families. She hopes to establish long-term relationships with her clients, so that they will come back to her for help later and she can see all they have accomplished.


As someone who loves California, Attorney Maria K. Matan has earned both of her professional degrees in the Golden State. She graduated from the University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law in 1991, and has practiced law for many years.

She discovered that her clients had many complicated tax issues, and she knew that she would be able to help them solve more of their problems if she learned more herself. Because of that, she went back to school and earned her Masters of Tax Law from the Golden Gate University School of Law in 2010.

Private Practice

Attorney Maria K. Matan understands how complicated even simple legal issues can become, so she purposely does not carry a high volume of cases. She has worked from her own private practice for 26 years, and gets to know each of her clients so she can provide them customized, personalized service.

Because of her Master of Tax Law, Maria can evaluate issues like capital gains and property taxes, including income tax assessed on trusts as well as special circumstances such as family farms and businesses. She can also help with international tax issues. When her clients have their own businesses, she can help with their tax issues and with issues like business succession and which entity to choose for the business.

Attorney Maria K. Matan discovered that her family immigration practice overlapped with her estate planning practice, as many of her clients from Mexico are homeowners and/or business owners with young children. They have estate planning needs which are unique, but they need to protect their children and their inheritance. Both she and the paralegal speak Spanish and can communicate with each client to discuss any issues or documents.

If you want the assistance of someone who truly cares about you and your family and wants to help you solve your problems, call Maria K. Matan, Attorney at Law today for a legal consultation.